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They say laughter is the best medicine and on The DTALKS Podcast there has been a fair amount of laughter since the show's inception.


Whether lamenting the trials and tribulations of parenting as a whole, discussing the business of stand-up comedy, or anything in between these episodes listed below are sure to give you a 'detox' filled with laughter!

Dave Wilk
Episode 215 'Yes, And' is a philosophy

Ep 110 Main Image.png

Kyle Austin
Episode 110 Bad Joke or Dad Joke

Ep 109 Main Image.png

Tyler Watson & Misael Gonzalez
Episode 109 Watchelor Party

Ep 65 Main Image.png
Ep 169 Main Image (1).png

James Breakwell
Episode 65 Bare Minimum Parenting

Jeremy Nunes
Episode 169 Front Porch Comedy

_Episode 165 - Main Image.png
Ep 13 Main Image.png

Episode 165 January 3rd

Tom Shillue
Episode 13 Mean Dads

Ep 224 Main Image.png

Lauren Flans
Episode 224 How are you celebrating national coming out day?

Listen to all of the episodes listed above via this Spotify playlist!
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