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Painting Class

Visual Art

"I enjoy thinking about how paintings can change depending on where they are - how they look in a gallery or in relation to other paintings, or in different rooms. Paintings can change the way we experience and see the world." - Stephen Beal

I really love this quote from Stephen Beal and feel it can be applied to all types of visual art. Over the course of this podcast I've discussed this topic with various artists. Some are comic book illustrators, some work on children's books, and still others work on modern art pieces. All of them are trying to convey a message and story through art.

The episodes listed below run the gamut of conversations related to: representation in art, working in the comic book industry, and how to maintain your uniqueness. (NOTE: Some guests have returned to the podcast and we've listed all of their episodes beneath their picture)

Ep 47 Main Image.png

Andrea Molinari
Episode 47 Dallas Fan Expo 2018

Ep 211 Main Image (1).png

Eric Wilkerson
Episode 211 I Color Myself Different

Ep 173 Main Image.png

Megan Wagner Loyd & Michelle Me
Episode 173 Allergic

Ep 50 Main Image.png

Chad Thomas
Episode 50 Dallas Fan Expo 2018

Ep 52 Main Image.png

Joe Eisma
Episode 52 Dallas Fan Expo 2018

Ep 179 Main Image (1).png

Liz Climo
Episode 179 You're Dad

Ep 220 Main Image.png

Sylvie Kantorovitz
Episode 220 Daydreaming is important

Ep 48 Main Image.png
Ep 174 Main Image.png

Roberto Molinari
Episode 48 Dallas Fan Expo 2018

Dana Simpson
Episode 174 Phoebe and Her Unicorn

Ep 206 Main Image (1).png
Ep 201 Main Image (1).png

Korey Watari & Mike Wu
Episode 206 I Am Able to Shine

Marc Brown
Episode 201 Believe in Yourself

Ep 205 Main Image (1).png
Ep 46 Main Image.png

Winter Miller
Episode 205 Not a Cat

Andrew Mangum
Episode 46 Dallas Fan Expo 2018

Ep 66 Main Image.png

James Hostler
Episode 66 Not Your Average Bobcat

Ep 146 Main Image.png
Ep. 159 Main Image.png

Jarrett Krosoczka
Episode 159 Draw Every Day

Ep 53 Main Image.png

Joe Shaw
Episode 146 Burn the Furniture to Heat the House

Ep 49 Main Image.png

Steve Erwin
Episode 49 Dallas Fan Expo 2018

JonBoy Meyers
Episode 53 Dallas Fan Expo 2018

Ep 184 Main Image (1).png

Eric & Julia Lewald
Episode 184 Previously on X-Men

Ep 221 Main Image.png

Katie Yamasaki
Episode 221 Shapes, Lines, and Light

Ep 227 Main Image.png

Shaun Tan
Episode 227 Creature

Listen to all of the episodes listed above via this Spotify playlist!
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