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Pride Parade


"It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences." - Audre Lorde

Over the years I've struggled to understand my own orientation. It was hard for me to embrace such a core component of my existence. Part of my personal journey to better understand myself resulted in a number of incredibly nuanced conversations related to all things LGBTQ+ on this podcast. 


Besides my own journey, I returned to the topic of LGBTQ+ on the podcast because I feel there are many individuals out there who have a flawed opinion of the community due to their own upbringing. By bringing the human element of these conversations front and center these same individuals can start to understand how we're much more alike than we are different. 

The episodes listed below run the gamut of conversations related to: gender identity, LGBTQ+ representations in the media, and how to raise inclusive kids. (NOTE: Some guests have returned to the podcast and we've listed all of their episodes beneath their picture)

Ep 189 Main Image (1).png

Cat H. Bradley

Episode 189 I can sit in my truth

Ep 174 Main Image.png

Dana Simpson
Episode 174 Phoebe and Her Unicorn

Ep 186 Main Image (1).png

Jeremy O'Brian
Episode 186 What Does It Mean To Live Life?

Ep 180 Main Image (1).png

Matt Pascua
Episode 180 A Community Of Support

Ep 123 Main Image.png

Mikey Abrams
Episode 123 Quarantined Cabaret

Ep 207 Main Image (1).png

Stephan Lee
Episode 207 K-Pop Revolution

Ep 95 Main Image.png

Episode 95 They/Them

Ep 205 Main Image (1).png

Winter Miller
Episode 205 Not a Cat

Ep 28 Main Image.png
Ep 129 Main Image.png

Charlie Herschel
Episode 28 Surrogacy Part 1
Episode 29 Surrogacy Part 2

Cody Belew
Episode 129 Work to be done

Ep 131 Main Image.png
Ep 135 Main Image.png

Jay Armstrong Johnson
Episode 131 Educate Yourself

Nicole Pacent
Episode 135 Coming Out
Episode 150 Breaking Bread

Ep 108 Main Image.png
Ep 136 Main Image.png

Josh Lamon
Episode 108 Josh Swallows Broadway

Kacen Callender
Episode 136 Felix Ever After

Ep 148 Main Image.png
Ep 89 Main Image.png

Lara Whitley
Episode 148 Hellbound

Mark Loewen
Episode 89 True Colors of a Princess

Ep 203 Main Image (1).png

Ricky Tucker
Episode 203 And the Category Is...

Ep 134 Main Image.png

Natalia Flores
Episode 134 Les Keep It Real

Ep 80 Main Image.png

Nick North
Episode 80 Learned Behavior

Ep 142 Main Image.png

Sam Feder
Episode 142 Disclosure

Ep 224 Main Image.png

Lauren Flans
Episode 224 How are you celebrating national coming out day?

Ep 170 Main Image.png

Nick Silvestri
Episode 170 Snuffy

Ep 151 Main Image.png

Tammie Brown
Episode 151 Queen With A Cause

Ep 232 Main Image.png

Shannon T.L. Kearns
Episode 232 In the Margins

Ep 237 Main Image.png

Rolf R Nolasco Jr.
Episode 237 Hearts Ablaze

Listen to all of the episodes listed above via this Spotify playlist!
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